10 Five-Minute Home Fix-Ups

  • 20 Dec 2021 07:48
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10 Five-Minute Home Fix-Ups


Nothing motivates us to clean our house like the impending arrival of guests. And by “motivates,” I mean of course I procrastinated and now I only have half a day to get this home ready for non-animals to see it. 

Whether you’re expecting family for the holidays, inviting colleagues to an office party or hosting friends for a movie night, getting your house ready for visitors can feel daunting. Luckily, these 10 simple hacks can help transform your entire home in half the time with none of the stress:

  1. Make the beds. Martha Stewart herself recommends this simple first step.  Even if your sheets are in the laundry, you can cover the mattresses with comforters and throw pillows to give your rooms a put-together appearance.
  2. Fluff your pillows and cushions. Your living room is often the first space that guests will see, so give it visual appeal with soft, fluffy pillows and furniture cushions.  If you have time, set cushions out in the sun for about an hour. The fresh air and light will eliminate bacteria and any lingering moisture, automatically reviving your pillows with an extra bit of bounce.
  3. Shine all the faucets. After giving your kitchen and bathroom surfaces a quick wipe-down, make sure you complete the finishing touch by shining your faucets and hardware with a glass cleaner. The spot-free sparkle will automatically brighten your room and make it feel clean and welcoming.
  5. Pick up your clutter. Grab a laundry basket, trash bag, or another handy container, and use it to collect any discarded articles that have been abandoned from other rooms.  Take the container with you as you tidy each space and drop the items off where they belong as you go.
  6. Invest in baskets, boxes, and bins. Nothing promotes order and organization like an aesthetically appealing container.  Whether it’s a basket for your paperwork, a bin for your children’s toys, or a junk drawer for, well, everything else, containers provide cover for your clutter and cut down on your clean-up time.
  7. Find guilt-free closure. Sometimes a junk drawer isn’t enough.  When you run out of time to get it all done, don’t be afraid to reserve one area – whether it’s the laundry room, garage, or any spare space – where you can toss everything that you don’t have time to clean or organize. When time’s up, and your company has arrived, simply close that room off.
  8. Fix squeaky hinges. If your doors or appliances resemble haunted house sound effects, simply mist the offending hinges thoroughly with any household lubricant. Be sure to work the hinge repeatedly to allow complete coverage and make sure the noises have stopped.
  9. Free windows that are stuck. If humidity has gotten the best of your windows, try running a hairdryer around the edges of the sash until it loosens and opens up. Once it’s free, lubricate the guiding strips with candle wax or silicone spray.
  10. Get rid of scuffed linoleum. For unsightly marks on your flooring, massage some white toothpaste into the area with a dry cloth or an eraser. Remember to de-grease the floor with a cleanser and warm water before anyone tries to walk on it.
  11. Fill your home with diffusers, candles, or good, old-fashioned baking. When you fill your home with a warm, welcoming scent, you’ll automatically give your visitors a sense of comfort and relaxation. Their immediate first impression will be positive, setting the tone for a pleasant and successful stay.

The next time you have a company slated to arrive in the next hour, pick the most pressing tasks and get to work. These simple fixups should help you save time and give your home a bit of extra sparkle in no time! That way, you can take a nice and relaxing bath while your in-laws are on their way for Christmas “fun.”

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