The Best Battery Powered Snow Blower For 2023

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EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled
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1. Best Overall: EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled

This product is special cause it has Peak Power technology that combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries to tackle the toughest snow conditions and what the snowplow leaves behind with ease. Read Review

2. Best Compact: Toro Single Stage Snow Blower

You can get the job done faster with this snow blower cause it features a powerful 5.5-HP engine and an automatic transmission for easy operation. Read Review

3. Best For Price: EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-Inch 56-Volt

The EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-inch snow blower is the most advanced, high-efficiency cordless snow blower. It features a brushless motor and a push-button start for easy use. Read Review

4. Best Powerful: WORX WG471 40V Power Share 20"

The WORX WG471 is a cordless snow blower that will make your life easier cause this snow blower generates more power than brush-based motors and uses less battery than motors based on a brush design. Read Review

Winter is a tough season for all of us. Especially if you live in an area that sees substantial snowfall, cleaning the snow on your driveway and front yard can be back-breaking work. This is where battery-operated snow blowers come in handy. They are small enough to fit inside your garage and big enough to clear snow up to 10 inches high.

The beauty of having the best battery-powered snow blower is that you don't need fuel and don't have to worry about where to plug it. All you need is a charging station, and you're good to go. They are also quiet, unlike heavier, gas-powered models. Your ears and neighbors will be happy when there is no noise.

You can count on our team of experts who have spent hours conducting surveys through real customer reviews. Because of this, we came to the conclusion that the best-reviewed product is EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled. And Toro Single Stage Snow Blower is another choice for you while keeping the product's quality and functionality.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 EGO SNT2400 24 in. Self-Propelled
Our Score:
EGO Power+

The new EGO POWER+ 2-Stage Snow Blower is the only cordless 2-stage snow blower that delivers the power and performance of gas without the fuss, noise, and fumes. You can get the job done quickly with the 24-inch clearing width and 20-inch intake height to handle even the deepest snow.

Moreover, it has 4 LED lights making it easy to use in the early morning or evening. 


TOP Choice #2 Toro Single Stage Snow Blower
Our Score:

The Toro Single has an ergonomically designed handle that reduces operator fatigue and gives greater control, while the steel drill with a silicone blade lasts up to three times longer than competitive blades.

Furthermore, this snow blower with a 99cc Toro OHV engine is equipped with an 18-inch clearing width to move up to 1,100 pounds of snow per minute. 

TOP Choice #3 EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-Inch 56-Volt
Our Score:
EGO Power+

This snowblower is the only cordless snow blower that is as powerful as gas. With Peak Power technology, it combines the power of any two ARC lithium batteries to clear thick wet snow.

Moreover, equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor and a 21-inch comprehensive air intake, this snow plow can handle what an urban snow plow leaves in its wake.


4 WORX WG471 40V Power Share 20"
Our Score:

This snow blower has a 180° rotating chute that will let you throw your snow up to 20 feet in any direction, and the one-touch multi-position adjustable chute deflector gives you even better aim.

Besides, the two Power Share batteries will provide this snowblower with gas-like power without all the drawbacks of using gasoline.

5 EGO Power+ SNT2405 24 in. Self-Propelled
Our Score:
EGO Power+

The EGO Power+ SNT2405 is a two-stage self-propelled snowblower that quickly clears up to 24 inches of snow with an intake height of 20 inches. Moreover, this snow blower can deliver the power and performance of gasoline without noise, fuss, and exhaust.

Other than that, the Peak Power Technology combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC Lithium Batteries to easily handle the toughest snow conditions and problems left by snow plows. 

 The single-stage spiral auger adopts an integrated design with higher reliability and longer service life. The high-efficiency brushless motor consumes less energy, prolonging the life of the fan and improving performance.

In addition, the chute swivels 180°, and the chute deflector is easy to adjust, so you can blow snow however you want. 

This snow blower is powered by Snow Joe's exclusive iON+ 24-volt lithium-ion battery system, dual 4.0Ah batteries that provide up to 40 minutes of rechargeable runtime, zero carbon emissions, and cleaner air.

Moreover, the Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 features a heavy-duty and rubber-coated steel blade auger that clears 18" wide and 10" deep paths in a single pass.

8 Greenworks 40V 20 inch Brushless
Our Score:
  • 2 LED lights provide better visibility during early morning/ late evening snow removal. 180 Degree rotating Chute for ultimate control
  • For peak performance, use battery that is being stored at room temperature. The snow thrower may not properly start if the battery temperature is too cold
  • PROFESSIONAL SPECIFICATIONS - This Snow Thrower has a powerful 20V all electric motor capable of removing snow and providing a 10" inch Wide x 5" inch Deep path, powerful enough to move 300lbs of snow per minute, while capable of a Max Throwing distance of 25' feet, making the job quick, efficient and easy
  • BATTERY SPECS - This 4Ah Lithium-Ion battery is a 20V DC design and construction with a Max 80Wh (Watt Hour) capacity, providing adequate power while efficient and functional.
10 SuperHandy Snow Thrower
Our Score:
  • ELECTRIC POWERED SNOW THROWER - This Residential/Light Commercial capable Snow Thrower Shovel is designed for all DIY or Professional applications; Capable of delivering 10" x 5" (inch) deep clear path, efficiently and quick; Built to meet residential/commercial grade quality standards and provide dependable performance, making this a solid choice
  • DESIGN FEATURES - At the push of a button this lightweight and compact electric shovel allows for easy operation and the Adjustable Ergonomic Handle allow for comfort of use and the Curved Dual Auger Blade, makes quick work of snow clearing, while saving you the time and labor, without breaking your back
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Which Characteristics To Consider On Selecting best battery powered snow blower For March?

To make a practical purchase, you guys need to be aware of best battery powered snow blower ultimately. Several key factors must be taken into account and evaluated. Of course, there are some challenges for you during the process of studying products. So we are available here to provide you with comprehensive advice and support.

The thing we can do is our best to make your purchase reach the highest quality. You are now the customer who is king in today’s market. In order to have an informed decision, you have to look at the FAQs below first:

  • What is the value of this product which makes us invest in?
  • What is considered the best one among these products?
  • Where can you take support about this product?
  • How important is the user’s research on the product?
  • What are the positive sides this product offers you?

You are expected to use these descriptions as a starting point when choosing best battery powered snow blower. Our experts have utilized AI tools and Big Data to compile data analysis. So the picture of the product you are reading here is accurate and reliable. 

Thanks to the evaluation supported by high technology, we have come with some significant features for you to go through. Let’s check it!

Wheels Vs. Tracks

Most snow blowers can be ridden, even single stage models. Single-stage snow blowers can be pulled or pushed by the operator. Two-stage or three-stage snow blowers have wheels powered by an engine. This makes them more suitable for large clearing areas where it would be difficult to push and pull. Two-stage and three-stage snowblowers have tracks that look like a tank. These tracks are better for steep driveways and hills because they significantly increase traction. However, they can be harder to maneuver on flat terrain.

Speed Control

Snow blowers can only work at one speed. You can shop for models with variable speed controls if you want a snow blower with more power. Speed control is a feature that's typically found on snowblowers with two or three stages. It allows you to move more quickly by simply adjusting a lever located near the handlegrips. You should also check where speed control is located. You won't be able to access it or use it as well.


An auger is used to lift snow from the ground, and then discharge it via a chute. The corkscrew-shaped, single-stage auger moves snow. The auger is not required for two-stage snow blowers. However, they also have an impeller. This fan pushes the collected snow out of the chute. Two-stage models with an impeller can collect snow quicker and move it further. The three-stage model has an impeller and an auger, but an accelerator is added. This accelerates the transfer of snow collected from the auger to its impeller. They can throw the most distance and clear snow the fastest. We recommend only a few models, as single-stage machines are the most inefficient.

Electric Start

An electric snowblower makes it easy to start. The machine can start automatically by pressing a button. This eliminates the need to pull the cord manually, which can prove difficult for some users. An electric start is available for both gas- and electric models. An electric starter is a great option if you are looking to get up and running quicker when snow storms arrive, or if you don't like the hassle of starting a traditional starter.

Clearing Width

Think about how large a snowblower will clear in each pass. The average clearing width is between 20-25 inches. However, some budget snow blowers may clean even more. Some more powerful models might clear up to 30inches. Clearing widths that are narrower may mean that you will need to clear more areas, such as the sidewalk or driveway. This can increase the amount of time spent outside. Clearing snow quicker and faster will allow you to get in the house sooner.

Motor Type

Electric and gas motors can be used to power snow blowers, but electric motors only work with lighter models that have a single stage. You will need to decide whether electric or gas operation is more convenient. A gas motor requires regular fuel and maintenance. Be aware of the power each type of engine has on any snowblower you are considering. Electric engines can be measured in amps, while gas engines are expressed in horsepower.


What’s The Difference Between A Snow Blower And A Snow Thrower?

A snow blower is often called a "snow thrower". Snow blowers that have a single stage engine are considered snow throwers. However, they don't blow snow; instead an auger scoops and "throws" it out of the chute. Although they are more powerful, you might still see them as snow throwers.

What's The Best Snow Blower Type For Light Snow, Heavy Snow And Icy Snow?

For light snow, single-stage units work best. Two-stage or three-stage snowblowers have an impeller that prevents clogging. They are the most effective snow blowers for wet, heavy snow. Two-stage and three-stage models have serrated augers that can cut through snow or ice. The three-stage models move heavier and wetter snow faster.

How Do I Decide Between A Single-stage, Two-stage, And Three-stage Snow Blower?

Single-stage snow blowers work in one direction, using a scoop-like auger to shovel the snow and channel it out of the chute. An impeller fan is added to a two-stage snowblower. This helps push the snow in the chute, and improves the clearing speed and throw distance. The three-stage snowblower has the greatest power due to its addition of an impeller fan and accelerator to the auger. This results in faster snow removal and greater clearing capabilities. Your decision is largely dependent upon how much snow you have to remove.

How Do I Store A Gas Snow Blower Between Seasons?

Properly storage of a gas-powered snowblower in the offseason can be crucial because gasoline can corrode, and gunk could build up.2 Before storing the blower for several months, it is recommended that you drain the fuel tank. To keep your gasoline fresh and to prevent its decomposition, you can add fuel stabilizers to your tank. For the best results, make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your specific machine.

What's The Best Snow Blower Type For Level Or Sloped Areas?

Push-propelled, aer-assisted models can be used on level terrain. For sloped driveways, engine-driven tracks or wheels will be most effective. To improve traction, you can combine some models with tire chains.

What Snow Depth Can A Snow Blower Handle?

Snow blowers with one-stage or two-stage capabilities can reach depths up to 12 inches. A three-stage unit can hold 16 inches or more of snow.

How Large An Area Can A Snow Blower Handle?

Single-stage snow blowers are ideal for smaller driveways or walkways. A two- or three stage snow blower is best for driveways that are more than 60 feet in length.

All in all, you guys now are able to stay up to date on best battery powered snow blower of 2023 with new information. As mentioned, on top of that, the fluctuation of sources like websites and forums, you must be aware of which is best reliable for you. 

Honestly, we are delighted to have the chance to support you with product-related issues and additional concerns as well. So it would be best if you didn't hesitate to contact us. Feel free for that!

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