The Best Electric Fan Heater For 2023

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Kismile Small Space Heater Electric Portable Heater Fan
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1. Best Overall: Kismile Small Space Heater Electric Portable Heater Fan

Kismile Electric Portable Heater Fan is the perfect way to heat your room, office, kitchen, or wherever you need a quick burst of heat. Its ceramic heating elements offer instant warmth and energy efficient design can reduce your energy bills. With three heat settings, there's no need for looking for a wall outlet. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Broan Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater with Built-In Thermostat

The Broan Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater is a slim, modern heater that provides efficient heating in seconds with its steel-sheathed, plate-finned heating element. It features an attractive white grille and no extended warm-up time due to an efficient motor. The Kick Space Fan Forced Wall Heater is also quiet so it will not disturb your sleep. Read Review

3. Best Protection: FLOWBREEZE Space, 1500W Electric Heater, 2-in-1 Electric Heater With Fan

Share the warmth with FLOWBREEZE Space, 1500W Electric Heater. With its all-in-one heating system and fan, FLOWBREEZE has a variety of uses for your home. It also comes with tip-over and overheats protection, so you can enjoy the heat without worrying about a possible fire. Read Review

4. Best Convenient: Stiebel Eltron CKT Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

This Stiebel ElTron CKT Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater is just the thing for a chilly room. With a surface mount design and quality construction, it's easy to install. The Thermostat offers maximum comfort and convenience, with no noise or flickering of lights. Read Review

5. Best Peformance: Homeleader Electric Space Heater

Homeleader electric space heater is an easy-to-use, high-performance, and efficient heater that can heat a large area in no time. This heater comes with three modes, high heat, manual control, and auto turn-off. The Homeleader can be used for many purposes such as keeping you warm this winter. Read Review

If you live in an unheated home, then you know how difficult it can be to stay warm during the winter months. Having a home that stays at a comfortable temperature all year round is something that most of us take for granted, but staying cool is something that many of us struggle with. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to keep warm without having to install central heating or a fireplace.

Even better is that some of these methods are also cost-effective. One such inexpensive way to stay warm is by using electric fans. These small machines not only circulate air inside your home, but they can also heat it as well! Electric fan heaters have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason too! They are affordable, efficient, easy to use, and safe too! To help you choose the best electric fan heater for your needs we’ve put together this guide...

Our team had to focus on researching for 21 hours to get such results for readers. This type of study uses customer star ratings and customer interviews on their product experiences. As result, We think the best electric fan heater is the Kismile Small Space Heater Electric Portable Heater Fan. We also show the other fantastic alternatives with a complete guide which is worth your consideration below.

Our Top Picks

ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES - 1. Built in Automatic overheat Protection system will shut the unit off when the parts of the heater overheat. 2. TIP-OVER SWITCH will shut off when tipped forward or backward. 3. Power indicate light can let you know at a glance that it’s plugged in. 4. ETL certified.

CERAMIC SPACE HEARER - Advanced ceramic heating elements provide faster and more efficient heating than traditional heaters.Ceramic space heaters can quick heating within 2S ,produce abundant heat without open coils, and are long lasting.Small and powerful this is the perfect space heater for bedroom, office and under desk use.

SMALL HEATER MEASURES - Our portable space heaters with size of 7.1" X 5.5" x 8.1".Energy Efficient,Fully Assembled,PTC Technology.Compact Space Saving Design.Convenient Carry Handle. Adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth—ideal for small areas

ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - Combined with an adjustable thermostat control,the small portable heater can according to the thermostat setting let your room remain at a comfortable temperature.And allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element.

THREE HEAT SETTINGS WITH FAN - 1.High Heat (1500-watt), 2. Low Heat (750-watt ).3.Fan only for summer.It makes the electric space heater ideal for warming up your personal space in small home and office.Reduce your energy bills by using this energy efficient space heater to heat.

Attractive white grille

No extended warm up time due to an efficient steel sheathed, plate-finned heating element that provides comfortable heat in seconds

Slim design tucks under cabinet kickspaces, vanities, stairways or any place where space is limited and a little extra heat is desired to make your environment cozier

Vertical louvers disperse heat evenly across the width of the grille and the built-in front-mounted thermostat offers a simple way to control the level of heat

Perfect for cabinet kickspaces, vanity bases, stairways or any place where space is limited-Also ideal for light-commercial applications like ticket-toll booths and checkout counters

Easily converts to 750 watt or 1500 watt at 120 volt

Steel-sheathe, plate-finned, heavy duty heating element

Factory wired for 1500 watt at 240VAC

Quiet, thermally protected motor shuts off in event of overheating and transverse blower circulates heated air for optimal room warming. UL Listed for safety.

Factory wired 1500W at 240V AC, converts to 750W or 1500W at 120V

TIP-OVER AND OVERHEATING PROTECTION: The Fan & Heater In One Has Tip-over And Overheating Protection Sensors, Which Means The Product Will Be Turned Off When It Tilts Or The Temperature Is Too High, Providing Superior Safety

3S INSTANT HEATING: Advanced Heating Elements Provide More Efficient Heating, Allowing This Indoor Space Heater To Send Hot Air Or Cool Air In 3 Seconds. It’s Recommended To Use It In Small Rooms Up To 200ft²

FAN AND HEATER: This Dual Use Heater Has 3 Modes, Fan(3.9w), Low Heat(943w) And High Heat(1413w), Offering You Both Coolness And Warmth And Allowing You To Customize Your Own Comfort

PORTABLE HANDLES: Equipped With An External Handle And A Build-in Handle, This Tower Heater And Fan Is Portable, Which Means You Can Carry It Easily From Room To Room. The Slim Design And Light Weight Allow You To Place It In Any Corner

70°OSCILLATION: With Widespread Oscillation, This Personal Space Heater For Indoor Use Expands The Heating Coverage Area, Evenly Warming Your Surroundings And Allowing You To Share Warmth With Your Family, Friends Or Colleagues

Quality construction.

Built in thermostat for maximum comfort

Convenient 60 minute timer

Quiet operation at 49.7 dB

Surface mount design

5 Homeleader Electric Space Heater
Our Score:

☼【Mini Size for Personal Use】This small heater has a perfect size for small office and home space. Dimensions: 8.66*3.15*9.05inch. With the back recessed handle, you can get the portable warmth anytime & anywhere you want.

☼【Customer Service】 Always be ready to respond within a 24-hour time frame. 30-day money back, 12-month replacement after sale service and lifetime support, just feel free to contact us by amazon email.

☼【High Performance】Thanks to the advanced PTC ceramic heating elements, the space heater provides faster and more efficient heating. It cranks up the heat in only 3 seconds, more efficient and longer service life, is perfect for keeping you warm this winter.

☼【Easy to Use】Homeleader portable space heater has 3 modes to satisfy your needs. High Heat (1500W); Low Heat(750W ); Fan Only. Manually control to your desired temperature.

Quality German manufacturing and Frost protection setting

Sleek European surface-mount design and quiet operation at 49 db(a)

Downdraft design heats space evenly

Ideal anywhere quick heat is needed

Built-in thermostat for maximum comfort

🔥【3S Heating Up & Constant Warmth】🔥 Still waiting for the old heater to heat your room? Tired of messing with the thermostat to keep comfortable temperature? With the latest heating-up tech, the efficient space heater for office can put out a good amount of heat in 3S. Also, the sensitive temperature control system of electric tower heater for indoor use is helpful to save energy and keep your room stay at a comfortable temperature rather than overheat. Own it to make your room toasty winter.

🔥【Lifesaver For Your Chilly Office】🔥 Are your feet or legs cold to lose consciousness when working? With a4 paper compact size, the office space heater fits perfectly under the office desk. And thanks to the portable oscillating space heater fan’s built-in carrying handle and lightweight, even the senior can easily move it from the bedroom to the bathroom frequently. Have it now to warm your cold office or home all winter.

🔥【Minimum Consumption & Maximum Heat】🔥 Complain about the small oscillating area of your old heater? Afraid of the long electric bill in winter? With 120° oscillation, the heating area of space heater for large room is 70% wider than other, can efficiently warm your whole families without wasting heat. Inspired by the full-screen design on mobile, its outlet has 15 inches with curved surface design, providing 10% larger air outlet than others. Get it to warm your family this cold winter.

🔥【Accompany You Without Any Disturb】🔥 Is your old heater noisy when running? Worried about the terrible noise from the heater will bother others? 1. Using low-noise tech, silence heater for bedroom is designed to keep the room nice and warm on those cold nights without any disturbance. 2. Different from radiant heat, this efficient electric space heater does not have any strong light when heat up the room, promising you a comfortable warm night. Enjoy your every warm moment with it.

🔥【Incredible Sensitive Safety Mechanism】🔥 Worried about ceramic tower space heater with thermostat will hurt your families? Air choice has a comprehensive protection system: 1. Overheat Protection- efficient space heater for room will be off automatically when overheat. It provides safe cooling for you and your family. 2. Tip-over switch- it will be shut off if tipped forward or backward. Now add it to your winter appliance to heat your home.

Heats up A greenhouse with an area of 120 sqft easily (Depending on the insulation of your Greenhouse)

Power Source Type: Corded Electric

Floor-standing greenhouse heater, high airciculation fan agains mold formation on plants

Engineered in Germany

Heater casing made from Stainless Steel / and paimted steel grills

Ideal for greenhous, milksheds, garage, workshop

1500 w/ 5118 BTU heating output, 2 years

Very energy efficient to operate

IPX4 splash-proofing ideal for use in humid areas such as hobby greenhouses

[Compact Design Fits Anywhere] With a footprint half the size of A4 paper, the heater and fan combo for desk can be placed on the office desk, bedside table, or any corner. The compact design of the heater and fan combo for desk won't take up much space but can bring you endless warmth. In addition, a portable carrying handle and lightweight design makes it easy to move around. Everyone, from grandparents to children, can easily lift and take the heater from the living room to the bedroom.

[Double Protection for Safety] Trustech never sacrifices the safety of portable heater and cooler fan for office even in its small size. This portable heater and cooler fan for office has sensitive overheat protection and tip-over protection like other high-priced heaters. If the portable heater and cooler fan for office is accidentally kicked down, the heater will shut off, and won’t restart until the heater is placed correctly. Also, the heater will automatically turn off when overheated.

[3 Modes for All Year Round] Designed w/ 2 heating modes and a fan mode, the 2 in 1 heater fan for indoor use can come in handy in all seasons. In winter, when coming in from the biting cold, you can choose the high heating mode, followed by the low heating mode to stay toasty. Plus, the fan mode means the 2 in 1 heater fan for indoor use won't become unused in summer. The Natural air mode can turn your heater into a circulating fan to cool your room.

[Offset the Chill Within 3S] The Central heater can't bring you warmth on cold nights? This heater and fan combo for desk is the secret to keeping you warm and toasty during the chilly months. With PTC ceramic heating, you'll feel a stream of hot air when you turn the heater on. Place the heater and fan combo for desk under desk or tabletop, and your hands and feet won’t freeze in deep winter. The cozy warmth will make you forget all about winter.

[45° Adjustable Angle for Different Needs] Compared to other small heaters, our heater and fan combo for bedroom has an adjustable angle of 0-45°, allowing the warm air to be blown to more than just one place. When you try sitting on the floor and chilling out a moment in your living room, you may perfectly adjust the angle of the heater and feel the soft hot breeze. When sitting on the chair, the heater and fan combo for bedroom can warm your whole body from different angles.

🔥【Simple Operation, Plug And Warm】 Heating is coming! No need to change propane, no need to refill gas, no need to add carbon ignition, just plug in and turn on the switch and enjoy the warm. Equipped with 2 temperature level adjustment, 1000W/1500W, this space heaters for indoor use large room is easy to rotate it to adjust the right temperature. Simple and durable, who wouldn't like it?

🔥【Worry-Free Protection Plus】If not monitored properly, portable heaters can easily become fire hazards. Therefore, the safety of a heaters for indoor use is an essential and first thing to consider. Equipped with a tip-over and overheat protection system, our ceramic heater will automatically shut off the power if it is accidentally tipped over or internal components reach an unsafe temperature. Zero safety concerns for families with children or pets!

🔥【Hot/Cold, Available All Year Round 】 In addition to releasing strong hot wind, this room heater also adds the function of a fan. Not only does it save the hassle of storage when the seasons change, but it can also ventilate your room in winter and relieve your dizziness after prolonged heating. The practical level up up!

🔥【Stylish & Portable】Please don't skip the importance of the appearance of the space heater, it will be a permanent part of the decor for a few months. Simple and compact, this quiet space heater for large room deserves your consideration. 24"*7"*7", plus the rear portable handle, you can easily carry it to any room, garage, living room, bedroom, study, office, kitchen, etc.

🔥【70° Oscillation for Wider Heating Range】 Always heating in one direction can cause people or objects to overheat. The function of oscillation can not only make the heating more uniform, but also more suitable for heating multiple people. Oscillating heaters will cut the time it takes to heat a room in half compared to stationary heaters.

🔥【2 Seconds Fast Heating】The advantage of convection space heaters is that they can blow out hot air to quickly make you feel warm in 3S. And it heats the entire room like an air conditioner, which means no matter where you go in the room, you'll be warm without having it near you. Consider a electric heater when you're looking for a solution to heat your entire home.

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What Are the Key Factors for Customers to Follow to Pick best electric fan heater?

A range of influences contributes to the best electric fan heater. Depending on the product, there are several ways to study it. As a result, we've come to lend a hand, offer advice, and offer answers to these issues.

A thorough search of trustworthy websites should be conducted using as many resources as feasible. Our experts use high-tech tools and a well-tuned product listing system to provide a sort of service.

It'd also be fascinating to go more into the development and analysis of these aspects. Consider the following tips in mind:


A thermostat that has multiple settings is a good choice. You can select from low, high, eco, and a particular temperature. You should have key safety features, such as an alarm to conserve energy, remote control and portability features like wheels or handles to move it about.

Energy Efficiency

A thermostat with adjustable settings and space heaters are more efficient because you can adjust the time they run to keep you warm. Many heaters have timers which can be programmed to turn off the heat after a certain time. This feature can help you save money on your utilities bills.


These units were relatively affordable compared to other brands, but they did not compromise on safety or quality. Although the space heaters we reviewed are relatively affordable, they will provide years of enjoyment.

Heat Capacity

These space heaters are quick to heat a room. Heating capacity can be affected by the space size. Small spaces, such as under your desk or in the bathroom, are ideal for space heaters. Some heaters can heat large rooms. The heater's heat capacity is a major factor in how efficient it works. The models we chose produced more heat than the units that were available.


Space heaters, like all electrical devices can pose danger. You should ensure that your space heater has passed safety testing such as the UL and ETL. You should have features like an automatic shutoff for overheating and a timer that can be programmable, tip-over protection, and an adjust thermostat if you have children or pets. Safety precautions include not using your heater with an extension cable, placing it on the ground for stability, and immediately stopping use if there are any damage to the power cords.

Sound Level

Many people expect their heater to be used in the bedroom, nursery or at home. The most efficient heaters are equipped with fans and blowers which can be loud. To narrow our list of top space heaters, we looked for heaters that operate quietly.


You have the choice of spot heating units, which take only 15 minutes to kick in and larger heating units for heating your living or bedroom. Electric heating can be expensive so it is best to focus your efforts on specific rooms or areas of your home. This will allow you to turn down the heat elsewhere, and maximize your energy use. For example, if you spend most of your time watching television in your living room, you don't have to keep the heat up in your bedroom.


What Is The Best Place For A Space Heater?

Heat rises. The best spot to place a heater on is the floor. You can use a space heater to heat your office. It is best to place it on the ground or under your desk. You will be warmed by the heat slowly rising. To maximize efficiency, a ceiling fan should be run in the clockwise direction during winter to push warm, rising air down.

How Can I Tell If A Space Heater Is Energy Efficient?

There are currently no standards. Sometimes, a UL listing or ETL listing may be mentioned. However, this certifies that the heater is compliant with current safety standards and not efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is important that you choose the correct size heater for your room.

What Type Of Space Heater Is The Most Energy-efficient?

This is a complex question because many factors can have an effect. Infrared, while being the most efficient option, is not always the best. To find the most efficient space heater, it is important to take into account all of the above factors.

What Is More Energy Efficient: A Space Heater Or Central Heat?

If you want to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house for several weeks, central heat will be more effective. Three ways space heaters can be more efficient:
Heat your personal space.
These are heating rooms added to the central heat system after it was first installed.
If you do not want the whole house to heat up, boost the heat in just one area.

What's The Difference Between Forced Air And An Infrared Space Heater?

The most popular type of heater available is the forced-air heater. The heater heats the air, and includes a fan that blows warm air around the room to distribute the heat evenly. These heaters heat up the space but dry it out, which can lead to static buildup and skin dryness.
Infrared heaters transfer radiant heat from the air to warm objects, instead of heating it. The humidity in a room is not affected by the fact that it isn't heated.

What Type Of Space Heater Uses The Least Electricity?

The kWh/hour is the unit of electricity consumed. 1000 watts is a kilowatt. Consumption is directly related to its wattage, so it's a good idea to reduce the power consumption. Personal heaters of 200-400 watts are the space heaters with the lowest electricity consumption, however they do not provide enough warmth to heat family rooms.

What Space Heater Is Best For A Larger Room?

A space heater that isn't very expensive can heat up small spaces like a bathroom or office. Heating a large room can be more difficult. A space heater with a minimum of 1,500 Watts will be required. You could also use a space heater that has a fan to push air out of the room.
Even space heaters equipped with oscillating blowers can't heat a large space well enough. This is especially true if it's drafty. To address drafts and cold spots first, you should consider installing a radiator heater or infrared one to heat your home.

Is It Safe To Leave A Space Heater On All Night?

Space heaters can be run silently and quietly behind closed doors at all hours. You can also sleep next to them as long as the manufacturer recommends. You should keep the heater far from any objects or papers that might catch fire.
As long as the heater is not heating up too much, it can be used all night. Many space heaters have a timer that can be set to turn off the heater automatically. You can choose the temperature you want to keep and then set the timer so it shuts off at the end of an hour.

We decide facts since we are product consulting professionals with extensive expertise. Even so, we maintain and update the list of best electric fan heater so the information is correct and up to date.

After reading this article, you should discover that selecting a best electric fan heater that is both handy and economical to you is not difficult. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require assistance.

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