The Best Inexpensive Massage Chair For 2022

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OWAYS Massage Chair
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1. Best Overall: OWAYS Massage Chair

"The OWAYS Massage Chair is a 3D massage chair with a deep V-wrapped design that puts the center of gravity where it should be, providing you comfort and reducing the feeling of exhaustion. It has an integrated USB charging port and Bluetooth speakers that provide a whole new dimension of relaxation." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner

"The iRest SL is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a relaxing, yet stimulating experience. This chair not only provides you with a massage but also helps to combat fatigue and stress. The backrest is designed according to human body engineering principles and the 3 levels of zero gravity angles provide the ultimate in comfort. There are also 3 levels of massage, which can be adjusted depending on your needs." Read Review

3. Best Design: FOELRO 2022 Full Body Massage Chair

"The 2022 new edition Full Body Massage Chair has been re-designed by FOELRO, and is now more comfortable, wider, and with 8 massage rollers inside. With high-quality synthetic leather, this chair offers a zero-gravity design that will make you forget where you are. It also offers Bluetooth audio function so you can enjoy your favorite music while having the ultimate relaxation experience." Read Review

4. Best Smart: SMAGREHO 2022 Massage Chair

"Enjoy a deep-kneading massage with our zero gravity recliner. With our SMAGREHO 2022 Massage Chair, you can sit back and relax to your favorite music while this chair massages a full body massage. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable position for optimum comfort, so you can focus on your day without straining your body." Read Review

5. Best Reliable: Real Relax Massage Chair

"The Real Relax Massage Chair is a unique chair that offers 6 preset automated massage programs, 3 levels of intensity, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The SL-track technology automatically detects the human body and is able to adjust the massage pressure accordingly. With a handrest shortcut key, you can control everything on the chair with ease!" Read Review

Having trouble deciding which massage chair to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are so many things to consider when buying a massage chair, from price and brand name to features and functions. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be such a headache.

Everyone loves a good massage, and with this, in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best inexpensive massage chairs around today. There are plenty of models out there, but they won’t offer the most functionality or quality of materials. Some models break down very easily, while others are quite uncomfortable once used for longer periods of time. However, with that being said, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on your next massage chair in order to get the perfect session in regularly. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide on what you should look for when investing in your first affordable masseuse...

We think the best inexpensive massage chair available now is OWAYS Massage Chair. If you were wanting another option, you can check the iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner as an alternative. You may relax knowing that its quality is also good per what we researched.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 OWAYS Massage Chair
Our Score:

【Zero Gravity Massage Chair】- Ugears integrated linkage suspension massage chair puts the center of gravity on the buttocks, reduces the pressure on the spine and joints, makes your heart lower than your legs, and your body is in a completely relaxed posture and the feeling of weight loss in the real space. The Deep V-wrapped Design reduces the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion and is evenly stressed, allowing you to relax from outside to inside and bid farewell to fatigue.

【USB CHARGING & BLUETOOTH SPEAKER】Never worry about your phone,tablet or other devices running out of battery. Massage chair with a built-in USB charging port and Bluetooth speakers. Another exceptional thing about the massage chair is the great sounding built in speakers that you can Bluetooth your cell phone to enjoy a very relaxing massage. You couldn’t be happier with this massage chair and the bluetooth is also compatible with iPhone 12. massage chairs full body and recliner

【ANION FOREST OXYGEN BAR&SL TRACK DESIGN】 The massage chair has a built-in negative ion function, which releases high concentration of negative ions,enjoy the fresh air while massaging,massage chair distance is 135cm, makes you enjoy personal massage from the head to the leg, helps to maintain the human body vertebra "S" shaped curve, achieves precise knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu and other massage methods to relax your whole body .3d massage chair

【SMART BODY SCAN FULL BODY MASSAGE 】Optimize your massage experience and improve your health. Massage with air compression deepens the benefits of a massage by improving circulation, enhancing lymphatic drainage and soothing aches and pains. This 3D massage chair can automatically your body to adjust the massage points and massage range. The massage airbags cover on the shoulder, arms, hip, calves and feet area.

【 WARRANTY POLICY】We provide a 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE. If you need to return it, please keep our original packaging, which will improve your return efficiency. If any issue occurs to it, please contact our professional customer service team and we will work to fix any issues within 12 hours. You can also return the chair within 30 days for a full money back once we confirm the problem.massage chairs full body

TOP Choice #2 iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner
Our Score:

After-Sale Guarantee – This massage chair is 100% tested for performance and reliability before shipping, and is guaranteed and protected with 3-year warranty.

Space Capsule Zero Gravity - There are 3 levels zero gravity angles, clicking the button to adjust a comfortable reclining angle. Meanwhile, our heart and knees are in a horizontal line, which can effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation.

Foot Massage: The airbag wraps the entire instep for a pressure massage. And airbags on the calf area compress the leg muscles and relieve the soreness of the legs. The foot roller massage creates a relaxed body comfort experience.

Adjustable Width - The S shape massage structures in backrest were designed according to human body engineering principle, make back massage close-fitting in place. 6~21cm width has 3 levels adjustable for wide, middle and narrow.

SL Track - Combined with human engineering and studied super long"SL" shape space curved rail technology, Massage distance is 135cm, makes you enjoy personal massage from the head to the leg, helps to maintain the human body vertebra "S" shaped curve, achieves relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles.

TOP Choice #3 FOELRO 2022 Full Body Massage Chair
Our Score:

Multiple Massage Style: You can enjoy the full body massage by 6 automatic modes or customize which part, speed and strength you want to have best massage experience.

2022 new edition 2 boxes, easier to assemble and reduce the risk of transportation damage.

Zero-Gravity Design: Elevates your feet higher than your heart, minimizing the stress of gravity on your vertebrae, relieving back pain.

High grade synthetic leather, 100% tested before shipment. Only requires 8 inches from the wall.

Humanization Design: Extendable footrest, moving rollers at the bottom of the chair and Bluetooth audio connection function.

Full Body Massage: Air bags kneading massage, squeeze shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, combined with 8 massage rollers inside the backrest, heat therapy and foot roller massage, give you a full body relaxing.

4 SMAGREHO 2022 Massage Chair
Our Score:

2022 packaging version upgrade, from 3 to 2 boxes, easier to assemble and reduce the risk of transportation damage.

Zero gravity: After fully tilted, press the "zero gravity" button to reduce heart load and enjoy a comfortable massage.

Enjoy music: You can connect your phone and play your favorite music or radio while massaging.

Full body massage: Airbags massage to shoulders, arms, hips, calves and foot. Lower back heating, 8 rollers to the backrest. Rollers and airbags massage speed can be adjustable.

Service & Return: We have a professional product service team. We will usually respond to your questions within 2 working days

Ergonomic massage chair: armrest linkage system design, arms feel comfortable while reclining.

5 Real Relax Massage Chair
Our Score:
Real Relax

Handrest shortcut key control, USB charge port

Foot roll kneading massage

Built-in Bluetooth, heating function on the waist

Massage and airbag pressure is 3 intensity adjustable

Full-wrap airbag massage for shoulder, armrest, thigh, calf

6 preset automatic programs, One-button zero gravity design

SL-track, automatic human body detection

Height limit: 6.23 feet, weight limit: 400 pounds

6 Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800S
Our Score:
Kahuna Massage Chair

12 Auto programs to enjoy - 4 Basic Daily Programs, 4 Stretching Programs, 4 Elite Programs. New remote design with back light.

Shoulder airbag adjustable for different height, New end position change button to change the recliner position after massage is done.

Custom Memory Saving function to save your own massage programs you desire.

5 Levels of speed of roller, 5 levels of air pressure, Premium Bluetooth speakers with heating therapy

Acupressure points on the arm to amplify the massage effect, New headrest design that can be used as back padding

7 Real Relax Massage Chair
Our Score:
Real Relax

SL-track, automatic human body detection

Foot roll kneading massage

Full-wrap airbag massage for shoulder, armrest, thigh, calf

Built-in Bluetooth, heating function on the waist

Massage and airbag pressure is 3 intensity adjustable

Height limit: 6.1 feet, weight limit: 400 pounds

6 preset automatic programs, One-button zero gravity design

8 iBooMas 2022 Massage Chair
Our Score:

SL-Track Masssage Chair→Ergonomically designed SL-track,53" massage stroke,The S-track wheel will outline the natural curvature of your spine,L-track extends from neck to thigh,which helps protect the S-shaped shine

Massage Chair with Thai Stretching→Designed to stretch stiff muscles and relieve fatigue ,combined with airbag inflection and back roller movement,fix shoulders and legs,highlight waist ,let the body stretch in yoga state

Massage Chair→The Mechanical massage hands automatically adjust the width of 3~22cm to adapt to different body positions

Zero Gravity Massage Chair→Zero button to select 3 stage zero gravity,the heart is slightly below the level of the knees,the pressure of the body's center of gravity and the spine falls on the hips,making the body more relaxed

『2022 Upgraded-Best Massage Chair』R8601 Massage chairs armrest adopts the latest one-piece molding process,equipped with Bluetooth speaker,Shortcut key,USB charging,Negative ions,only 1.97" away from wall space

Massage Chair Full Body→ Four-wheel massage rollers along the S-shaped Backrest from neck to thighs,Full body air cells pressure massage for shoulders,arms,calves,feet,ankles,Three-roller foot massager,Back heating

Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner→The custom program freely set the cell strength,massage strength,roller speed,massage position,6 massage techniques and other suitable massage methods. the system presets 12 automatic programs for selection,body scan program,etc.

9 HealthRelife Massage Chair
Our Score:

【Full Body Massage Chair】24 Airbags placed over shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs and feet, can relieve tension and muscle fatigue by simulated shiatsu massage. Also this full bdoy massage chair built-in waist heater and foot massage rollers. 40℃-50℃ back heating function can relieve coldness and pain on your back. Special sole raised dots design, professional scrapping massage as human therapist.

【Zero Gravity& 128CM SL Track】One-Button zero gravity mode, 3 adjustable zero gravity positions relax your body and mind, massage your spine with an angle of 126±7°. And this 3D massage recliner combined with 128cm "SL" shape space curved rail technology, makes you enjoy personal massage from the head to the leg, achieves relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles.

【3D Advanced Massage Hands】Completely break through the old-fashioned 8 fixed massage rollers, HealthRelife full bdoy massage chair is equipped with advanced 3D Massage Hands. Difference to fixed massage rollers, 3D Massage Hands can imitate professional massagist method to do the following massage action: knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist. And this massage chair Even can protruding 7cm forward to relieve deep muscle pain.

【Safety & Guarantee】HealthRelife provides 3 years guarantee to make sure you could buy it with confidence and would try to solve any problem until you are satisfied. We Only Shipping 100% tested for performance and reliability full body massage chair. If you have any questions about our black massage chair, please contact our team, we will reply promptly.

【Automatic Body Scan】Because equipped with auto human body detection, this massage chair can meet the massage needs of different body types. And 3 adjustable levels massage speed and air pressure intensity , let everyone enjoy a customized personal program in this black massage chair.

10 Generic Massage Chair
Our Score:

Fits: (under 380 lbs)

3 years warranty: contact us for any parts damaged, we will provide you with a replacement. If you can't use it within 1 year, we will provide exchange service.

Multifunctional Massage Recliner: After the massage chair is turned on, it will massage the whole body automatically. You can use the LCD screen to control the massage chair to massage only the head, hands and feet. You can also increase or decrease the air pressure of the air bag, and speed up or slow down the massage speed.

Bluetooth Design: When your mobile phone is connected to the Bluetooth unit in the chair the music played by your mobile phone will be played through the sound of the massage chair. You can listen to music while massaging. You will get total relaxation and luxury enjoyment.

Zero Gravity Design: Click the zero-gravity button to completely tilt the massage chair, lying in it as comfortable as a baby lying in a cradle. Your whole body can be completely relaxed. You can adjust the tilt of the recliner up and down by LCD Screen.

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What Does Our Expert Advice You To Consider For Selecting best inexpensive massage chair?

best inexpensive massage chair is chosen based on a number of parameters. Depending on the product category, the learning process differs. And so, we're here to consult, guide, and address your product-related problems.

Please keep in mind the following points before selecting best inexpensive massage chair:

Massage Rollers

Make sure you look at the options for the size and range of the rollers before you make the big decision to buy the massage chair you want. You can customize the height and width of some rollers.

Massage Programs

Many massage chairs come with preprogrammed massage settings. This allows for a targeted massage, which targets certain areas. These massage chairs are more sophisticated and include body-mapping technology. This allows you to customize a massage according to your needs.

Massage Airbags

The massage airbags provide powerful relief for tension and stiffness. They deliver pressurized air through small pouches in your back, legs or sides. When inflated, the airbags will compress your muscles and stimulate blood flow. You can decide if the airbag function suits you. A massage chair may offer both an airbag massage and a rolling massage. Combining the two functions can result in the best full-body massage possible.

Massage Functions

Most low-end massage chairs offer nothing more than a rolling and vibration massage. High-end massage chairs, on the other hand offer many features that will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Some of these features include but are not limited: tapping, rolling, kneading and shiatsu.

Massage Positions

All massage chairs offer different types of massage, and each chair has a massage area that goes beyond your back. Good massage chairs usually offer leg and foot massages, while some chairs provide arm and wrist massages. This massage option is usually provided by massage heads or airbags, as well as rollers that run throughout the chair. To replicate the therapeutic effects of visiting a masseuse, advanced massage chairs may also include a thumb-like head massage.

Massage Chair Warranty

Massage chairs can expect to be used for a lot of motion and sometimes, even rigorous usage. Your massage chair might need to be repaired or maintained in rare cases. Before you buy a massage chair make sure that the warranty is included.
Our massage chair buyer's guide is here to help. We believe that the more you consider, the better you will be.
Are you thinking of purchasing a massage chair to be used commercially? You should know that most massage chair manufacturers do not offer warranties for commercial use.
Because massage chairs are more likely to be used at work than at home, they can also be used in a business setting. The users of a business are more likely not to be concerned about how long the chair will last and they won't take proper care.

Chair Upholstery

While genuine leather is the preferred fabric for chair upholstery, many high-end chairs that are technologically advanced and of premium quality use synthetic materials. Because of the heat and movement that a massage chair generates, it needs to be able to withstand daily use. The synthetic fabrics can withstand heat and wear, which will ensure the durability of the massage chair.

Heated Massage

The most advanced massage chairs can be equipped with a heated seat or back. Your massage will be more relaxing if you use infrared heat.

Recline Function

High-end massage chairs offer a wide range of recline options. Some include Zero Gravity. Zero Gravity refers to the feeling of weightlessness astronauts experience in space. The gravity neutral massage chair position places you in a gravity-neutral place, which reduces heart rate and tension, as well as boosting circulation. You might find a one-touch option on some reclining options, which gives you complete control. Research has shown that a massage with a higher degree of relaxation can not only provide a more relaxing experience but also greatly enhances its benefits.

Massage Power

The strength of your massage is a key aspect of any chair. Most people agree. The number of motors in the chair determines how strong the massage is. A higher number means more power. Your body will get used to the massage chair over time. The more power options you have will be more advantageous in the long-term. You can customize the intensity of your massage by adding removable padding to many massage chairs.


What Types Of Massages Does They Provide?

People turn to massage therapy for relaxation and pain relief. According to 89% of massage therapy users, massage can relieve pain. The most expensive massage chairs have features like tapping and kneading. The basic vibrating and rolling functions of low-end massage chairs are usually all that is available. If you're looking for a low-cost massage chair, make sure that you check the details. You might also find that discount massage chairs can offer different positions to relieve tension or stiffness.

How Much Does It Cost?

You should ensure that the price of any massage chairs you're considering buying fits within your financial budget. Are you truly looking for the most luxurious model? A whole-body massage chair or a full-body massage chair? A discount massage chair could do the same job. A good massage chair does not necessarily have to be the most costly.

How Do You Move It Around?

A massage chair is not an easy piece of furniture. Common sense and observation will show you this. They are usually heavy and bulky. However, some chairs come with wheels, which can be an advantage. Consider where you will be using the chair and whether it is necessary to have it moveable. If you are buying a recliner, make sure that you measure!

How Much Does The Massage Chair Weigh?

It is crucial to answer this question! Good massage chairs are built for comfort and quality. A lot of massage chairs are beautiful online, as well as in photos. A lighter weight chair usually means a smaller chair made mostly of plastic, which replaces the stronger steel parts. Although massage chair makers will set a maximum weight for every massage chair, it is a good idea to buy a chair with a lower weight than the intended users. The sound of air compression therapy being applied to plastic is not something anyone wants.

Do You Prefer Deep Massages Or Light Massages?

You can choose from 3D, 2D and 4D massage chairs. These are the depths at which the massage rollers press into your body. Although there are many more intricate features to the 2-3-4 D chair, the principle is that the deeper the number of chairs, the greater the strength of the massage. This happens by pressing down further into the skin.

Does The Massage Chair Offer A “Spot” Or “Custom” Massage?

You want the ability to choose which part of your body the chair is focused on if you have a medical condition that requires it. A chair with only a handful of programs may require you to do a full massage to get the one spot you want. It is important to be able adjust the air pressure and roller placement in massage therapy.

What Type Of Massage Chair “track” Is Right For Me?

Track refers to the rollers that move up and down your back. The "S Track" rolls from the neck to the spine and lower back. An "L Track", which will move down the spine, massaging the glutes as well as the hamstring, is called an "S Track". The "S/L Track", which is just an alternative to the "L Track", has no significant difference.
Pro tip: A track that is at least 44 inches long will give you a massage that targets the hamstrings.

How Long Will It Last?

You should ask about the durability of a massage chair that you purchase for your business or home. Although a discounted massage chair may sound great, it will need to be repaired within two months.

Because we are product consulting professionals with much expertise, we believe the data is credible. Aside from that, the best inexpensive massage chair data is kept up to date, and you may feel confident that the information is up to date and correct.

We can help you in addition to best inexpensive massage chair. If you want to support, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks for reading!

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