The Best Kick Scooters For Heavy Adults In 2023

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Globber NL Series Scooter
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1. Best Overall: Globber NL Series Scooter

The special thing about the NL series scooter is it has a folding system, so you can simply fold the scooter up and roll away using our trolley-compatible design. Read Review

2. Best For Price: Folding Kick Scooter for Adults and Kids

The 1-KICK OPEN mechanism makes the opening and folding of the SereneLife sports scooter a breeze. Our teen and adult scooters measure just 31.89" x 4.92" x 12.72" folded, making them ideal for storage under desks or in school lockers. Read Review

3. Best Compact: Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Get ready for the skate park with the Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Freestyle Scooter! This product has great features, including a lightweight aluminum deck with a larger footprint for pro-style scooter performance. Read Review

4. Best Smoother: Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter

Whether you're commuting to work or running errands, the super-strong construction, anti-rattle technology, and soft-grip handles will make this scooter the perfect choice. Read Review

As we all know, a kick scooter is considered a means of human transportation that depends on the energy exerted by your body to move forward. While scooters are light in nature, they are well equipped to carry heavier loads. However, different scooter models have other payloads.

Certain scooters can carry a weight of 140 lbs, and then some can carry 200 lbs with ease. While looking for a new scooter for yourself, first check if the load capacity of the scooter is higher or at least equal to your weight. Certain scooters are designed specifically for heavier adults.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through 15 hours to get such results for readers. These studies are based on customer star reviews and interviews about their feelings when using the product. When it comes to finding the best kick scooters for heavy adults, we believe the Globber NL Series Scooter is worth buying. If you are looking for additional options and more in-depth advice, you can check out the following.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Globber NL Series Scooter
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The award-winning NL Series 2 Wheel Kick Scooter is a 3-way height-adjustable scooter designed for teen growth and can be used by teens and adults ages 14+ up to 220 lbs. Our 2-wheel scooter easily folds up after your ride for storage next time.

Besides. the high-quality, durable materials will refresh your scooter for years of outdoor family fun!

TOP Choice #2 Folding Kick Scooter for Adults and Kids
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You can ride through town or the surrounding area on this adult and kids scooter from SereneLife. The durable aluminum construction can hold up to 220 pounds and is ideal for commuting on campus or from the office to the bus stop.
Moreover, this product features durable 8" PU tires and ABEC-7 bearings for a smooth ride on asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, grass, and more. The non-slip rubber deck gives our folding scooter a firm footing in wet or bad weather.

 The one-piece welded steel T-bar with bike-style handlebars will give you the perfect combination of durability and comfort. At the same time, the triple anodized clip provides precise, clear steering wherever you go.
Furthermore, this kick scooter has a lightweight aluminum deck with a broader footprint for pro-style scooter performance. The impact-resistant 100mm wheels and durable ABEC-7 bearings ensure a smooth, slip-resistant ride. 

4 Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter
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The Razor A5 Air is designed for everyday commuting in urban environments. With performance and reliability in mind, the A5 Air features razor-resistant, shock-absorbing 200mm pneumatic tires that ensure easy and comfortable maneuvering on even the hardest surfaces.

In addition, this product features a height-adjustable handlebar, extra-long deck, and sharp construction. It is designed to meet the unique needs of every rider for years of daily use.

The K8 Titan is undoubtedly one of the smoothest rides on a scooter. Each wheel is equipped with ABEC-9 bearings - balancing precision, stability, and durability that you will not find on other standard scooters.

Furthermore, this product holds an ergonomic handle made of high-quality EVA, strong and soft material. The wide deck can take a lot and provides a firm footing thanks to its non-slip grip straps.

6 BeeFree XLT Kick Scooter
Our Score:
Bee Free

The Bee Free XLT scooter is sized for teens and adults over 12 years old. It's lightweight and foldable for easy storage, while the optional shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. With oversized 7.75-inch wheels and front and rear shocks, you get a consistently smooth ride.

Plus, the sturdy welded aluminum construction of this adult scooter is durable enough to withstand heavy use. A low deck with a full grip surface and rubber padded handlebars ensure comfort during use.

7 Razor A6 Kick Scooter
Our Score:

You are never too big to ride! Designed and built with taller riders in mind, the Razor A6 scooter features an adjustable handlebar to an incredible 42" (1067mm) height, extra long deck and oversized 10" (254mm) polyurethane wheels.

Furthermore, this product comes with an ultra-strong aluminum frame and Razor's patent-pending anti-vibration technology.

  • The non-slip resin deck keeps feet in place and prevents tumbles
  • You can easily fold your scooter for convenient transport and adjustable handlebar grows with your child for lasting fun
  • More stopping power with dual braking – the Sport runner has both a hand lever and rear friction brake
  • Large, 8” urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings & front and rear suspension soak up the bumps for a more comfortable ride. Bicycle-style handlebar grips are easier on riders’ hands
10 Folding Electric Scooter
Our Score:
  • HAND-ACTIVATED BRAKES: Features back disc brake & front E-ABS (anti-lock braking system) which effectively prevent accidents. Also features an ultra bright LED front light for the night & red tail light for braking to warn pedestrians and vehicles
  • LED DISPLAY: This scooter features LED display which shows current speed, speed mode, battery life, headlight and cruise control indicators. Charging time takes 4-6 hours and can support weight up to 264 lbs. Tackles 15-degree steep hills with ease
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Which Way Should You Follow To Achieve best kick scooters for heavy adults Of 2023?

Today, our article intends to introduce and describe to you the best kick scooters for heavy adults, which can be found easily on e-commerce websites these days. Nevertheless, it might take lots of time to get the best item for purchase. As a result, we're always here to help you with your problem.

Before making a purchase, best kick scooters for heavy adults should be thoroughly researched. The following are some common questions you may raise. After being evaluated and confirmed to be effective, the most beneficial ones were picked.

  • Are there any benefits from this product?
  • What is the most popular one among these products listed here?
  • Where is a reliable place for you to ask for support?
  • How should you get to the point of buying a guide?
  • Why are you advised to invest in this product?

This article includes carefully and accurately checked and selected information about products through AI and Big Data. The goal is to create an accurate and objective set of information for you guys to count on.

Items on this list have undergone extensive testing and approval by experts. Your task is to consider the following factors:

Battery & Range

The estimated ranges are one of the most exaggerated and confusing statistics for manufacturers. It's impossible to predict how many miles an individual model will travel, as there are numerous real-life factors that can have such a huge impact on range. All factors that affect the final calculation include Rider weight, height and head-wind. Topography, hills, topography, topography, elevation, starting and stopping distances, as well as your riding style.

Top Speed

There are two speeds that can be defined: the fastest speed and the quickest comfortable speed. Although some scooters claim they can travel at a breathtaking 20mph speed, anyone who's experienced one will know that this is not possible.


Like bicycles, scooters can also have both a front and rear light. It is important to have both front and back lights if you plan on riding after dark. Electric scooters are not equipped with visible rear lights due to their design. Consider adding flashing rear lights to your backpack or helmet if you plan to ride at night.


It's important to consider the weight of your scooter if you plan on carrying it for a long time. Certain models can be folded more easily and are lighter than others. This makes them easier to transport and store.


How far your scooter can go on one charge will depend on how big the battery is and what you plan to do with it.
A smaller, more affordable battery might be sufficient for you if your journeys are short. A larger battery may prove to be more cost-effective if your ride is long and you don't need to charge it as often, or if there are many hills to cover, it might make sense to invest in one.


An electric scooter will cost you a bit more than an ordinary push scooter, but it is still possible to get a good scooter for a reasonable price. Prices will vary depending on the level of feature you want. A full-featured off-roader will cost more than an entry-level model with just a motor and battery.

Suspension, Brakes, And Tyres

Like other scooters, you should carefully review the specifications before purchasing an electric scooter. An electric scooter that is fun and low-speed will probably require less expensive kit than one with full suspension and chunky tires. Also, think about the terrain the scooter will be used in. Good brakes can make the difference between stopping on time or not, particularly if the motor is more powerful.

The Smart Scoote

A state-of the-art eScooter with Bluetooth will come equipped with a Bluetooth app that allows you to view your trip data (power, speed, range etc.) and also customize the handling by changing the 'Ride Modes' settings. You can enable/disable lighting or activate the motor lock. An older generation of eScooters had a small and difficult-to-read information dashboard. Inmotion is the leader in dashboard user interfaces. The data are presented beautifully on large, brightly lit screens that make it easy to read at a glance.

Motor Power

An electric scooter equipped with a powerful motor will allow you to glide along hills and speed up. While many scooters we have can travel speeds up to 15 mph (although it is possible to get faster), it may not be practical to buy a helmet.


Are Electric Scooters Good For Commuting?

The electric scooter is a great choice for commute. These scooters are efficient and fast. They can also be used to avoid traffic jams. These cars are ideal for commutes up to eight miles/13 kilometers.
They will often be more cost-effective than other modes of transportation, particularly in large cities. There will always be situations where they won't work. Check out this commuting guide to scooters for more information.

What Are The Most Common Electric Scooter Problems?

Most problems and defects reported in electric scooters relate to their electronics, which includes the wiring, motor and controllers. They are also the leading cause of dead-on arrival situations. Battery problems are also very common. They can range from the battery not working properly to delivering less performance than promised.

Where Should I Store And Charge My EScooter?

If you don't use your scooter often, keep it in a dry area. Keep your electric scooter charged for at least 30 minutes each month and away from any flammable substances.
Don't charge your scooter too close to the place you go to sleep each night.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

The average speed of an e-scooter can reach speeds in excess of 30 km/h. However, rental companies and manufacturers often place speed limits on their devices to protect them.
When buying, make sure to read the terms and conditions of your manufacturer as well as current laws.

How Long Do Electric Scooters Last?

It measures the distance that an e-scooter can cover.
Basic scooters can provide power for up to 10 miles. Higher-end (and more expensive) models, such as the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, can go up to 28 miles.
Your scooter's performance will be affected by many factors, including terrain and weather conditions. All of these factors should be considered when you plan your trip.
The maximum limits stated were tested under optimal conditions.

Can Electric Scooters Go Uphill?

Although electric scooters are capable of traveling uphill there are some important things to remember before you head out on the hill.
The motor needs to work harder when traveling uphill. This will cause the battery to drain faster. It will also be slower to travel uphill.
For those who plan to take your electric scooter uphill, you should invest in a motor with high power for maximum performance. Also make sure it is charged regularly!

Are E-scooters Dangerous?

The eScooters have been designed to be safe and reliable. Accidents can happen so be aware. When you are riding your scooter, we recommend that you wear the appropriate safety gear.

Are Electric Scooters Waterproof?

Your eScooter should not be used in the rain. Manufacturers will give an eScooter a waterproof rating. It is worth checking the specifications of your scooter, as they may differ.
These IP ratings range from 0 to 9. Each IP rating will range from 0 to 9. Protection from splashes and rain should be at least 5-6.

Can You Push Electric Scooters?

An electric scooter is designed for use with an electrical motor powered by a battery. You could cause damage to the electric motor if your scooter is pushed too hard. We recommend folding your scooter up so you can walk to where you are going.

Overall, to own one of the best kick scooters for heavy adults in this list is pretty ideal for you. Make sure that you read this article carefully. Furthermore, please visit our website frequently or subscribe our newsletter to catch up with any new updates.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. Also, if you have any questions or difficulties about the product, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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