The Best Rated Towel Warmers You Need To Try: Updated In January 2022

According to 808 reviews of customers on popular websites, our experts found that most of them are satisfied with top 14 Best rated towel warmers, which is then searched trend below in January 2022. If you are a fan of some big-name manufacturers like Heatgene, Comfier, Deeroll, Bb brandon basics, Keenhot, Zadro, Amba, Odass, Keenray, then you’re supposed to reach the right place.

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  • 【Premium Quality】Deeroll towel warmers can rapid heat up in just 1 minute and reach high temperature in just 6 minutes, And Heat Evenly, This bath towel warmer will heat towels all the way through, No cold spot anymore. Simple one-touch control can provide you with up to 60 minutes of heating, Keeps towels warm & cozy! After taking a shower or relaxing soak, You can enjoy the comfort brought by hot towel wrap.
  • 【Ultra Large Capacity】Deeroll Ultra large bucket towel warmers for bathroom, This bath towel warmer can accommodate up to two 40" X 70" oversized bath towels or throw blanket, robe, PJ's and more, The towel bucket can satisfy family use.
  • ✅ BUILT-IN TIMER WITH LED INDICATORS – Ok, we live in the age of innovation, yet towel warmers make you hunt for a switch and guess if it's on or off -- until now! The Brandon Basics towel warmer is the only warmer on the market that has a built-in timer and visual LED indicators. Press the 1 or 2 hour buttons and the warmer will stay on long enough to heat and dry your towels then shut itself off. Now, how easy is that!
  • ✅ THE LAMBORGHINI OF TOWEL WARMERS – Horse power is how you measure a cars performance, but when it comes to towel warmers, bar count, wattage & construction is everything. At least 10 bars for better heat distribution, 150 watts or greater for faster drying times and 304 Stainless Steel construction . Sure, you can pay less for reduced specs, but slower drying times means stinky towels. That's why we supercharged our warmer with 12 bars at 190 watts.
  • Compact & Safe - Safe to use, compact for easy storage. 60 minutes of auto shut off after a heating cycle will be safe for use. The freestanding bucket design is convenient to store and move home and the round-shaped base is stylish and space-saving.
  • Extra Large Capacity - The towel warmers for bathroom can hold oversized two 40" X 70" oversized bath towels, bathrobes, blankets, and more. Dimensions: 18.6”(h) x 12.2” (w) x 12.2” (d), total 20 L capacity. The hot towel warmer can satisfy family use.
  • ULTRA LARGE CAPACITY: The ultra-large insulated plastic bucket design accommodates up to two 40’’ x 70’’ oversized bath towels, robes, throw blanket, PJ’s, blanket warmer and more
  • BUCKET DESIGN: No more cold spots; evenly heats the entire towel inside and out
  • Energy-efficient: Rated power 100W, only 15 minutes, it can be heated to 110 °F, 30 minutes to reach the optimal working temperature 130 °F (based on room temperature 68 °F), and maintain a constant temperature, a warm towel ready for you at anytime.
  • Chic minimal look: This towel warmer is made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, and has excellent rust & corrosion resistance. It was designed with large spaces between 5 flat crossbars, offering a flexible and functional addition to your space.
  • Ten crossbars allow optimal drying. Rust and Tarnish Resistant
  • Heats quickly
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Please feel free to contact us with any issues.
  • Reliable quality: An ETL-certified towel warmer with a constant temperature of 130 °F, which not only inhibits bacterial growth, but also provides warm towels at all times. Overheat protection ensures safety from excessive temperature.
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What Suggestions Are Provided To You To Choose The Best rated towel warmers Suitable For Your Needs?

To buy any product seems easy, but to choose the best one is not straightforward. The time you take to research its outcome is significant. The same matter also comes to Best rated towel warmers of 2022 that we include in this article. But you can relax instead of spending too much time learning the products. It’s our duty!

The Best rated towel warmers in this list has been tried and tested to find effective for users. To cover the main content of our buying guide, you are expected to see the FAQs here first:

  • Is it any use to shop for this product?
  • How many advantages are there if you invest in this product?
  • What is the best choice of this product in the market?
  • How to choose the best one step-by-step?
  • Where can you be provided with support from experts for any product-related issues?

In 2022, our post introduces the most used items among Best rated towel warmers and their buying guide. You can easily find these models at many different prices and notifications on some sources like websites and forums. We have researched customers' needs and finances to invest in Best rated towel warmers through AI tools and Big Data. So the materials you get are exact and reliable.

Here are the main features of Best rated towel warmers that all of you guys should keep in mind when deciding to make a purchase:


Consider the following factors when choosing the right size towel warmer: the dimensions of your bathroom and which warmer is most appropriate for the space; and how many towels you wish to heat.
A warming rack will work best in a small bathroom. However, it is not the most efficient way to heat large towels.

Timers And Switches

The modern towel warmers use very little energy and can be used continuously. The reason is that the amount of energy required to heat the unit initially is far greater than the heating needed to keep it warm after it is heated. However, manufacturers have listened to user needs by offering shut-off and timers. You can program your heater to go on before taking a shower or bath so your towel stays warm when you leave. Some brands offer integrated timers and switches, others provide them separately. Some models include a thermostat that allows you to set the desired temperature.


There are many options for larger or smaller racks and cabinets.
Consider how many towels are being heated simultaneously before you buy a towel warmer. A smaller warmer will save you space and reduce energy consumption, but may not work well for large households.

Heating Technology

Towel rails can be powered entirely by electricity. However, they also use different heating elements that convert electricity to heat. Every type of heating technology offers its benefits, which is something you might want to take into consideration when selecting your towel rail.

Model Type

Electric towel warmers dominate the market. Electric towel warmers are either wired into the wall, or hardwired. This heater uses electricity to produce radiant heat. You can also find hydronic towel warmers, which make use of hot water from your plumbing system to heat up. Although it is generally true that hydronic heating units are more efficient than electric warmers, the actual design of each unit will vary.


1. Is The Bathroom The Only Room That A Towel Warmer Can Be Used?

Towel warmers/rails may be used anywhere other than in the bathroom. Some models are also space heaters. They can also be used as heat pumps in bathrooms, saunas spas, kitchens, and any other room that requires additional warmth.

2. Are Towel Warmers Safe Around Your Children?

Under your watch, it's perfectly safe. You should be aware that towel warmers were not designed to be used by kids. This is because it is the electricity which makes them work. Some children will not pay attention to the gadgets and end up looking at them dangerously. Be sure to supervise your kids.

3. Can A Towel Warmer Heat Up Your Bathroom?

Like radiant flooring or space heaters, a towel warmer is able to heat up a bathroom. However, smaller warming buckets or rack-style heaters won't heat up enough to warm up a small space.

4. Can I Replace A Radiator With A Heated Towel Rail?

Yes. They can be plugged directly into the water supply, much like any radiator.
The heated towel rails work well in bathrooms that have limited space like en suites and a down-to toilet. A heated towel rail can also be used to reduce the space required for your bathroom.

5. How Long Can You Leave A Towel Warmer On?

To avoid electrical hazards, it is best to switch off your towel warmer after only a couple of hours. Some low-wattage heaters can be left on for indefinitely like radiant floor heating. Today's towel warmers have many auto-shutoff functions, which automatically shut off when the temperature exceeds a set point.

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