The Best Steamer For Tablecloths Of 2023

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BEAUTURAL Steamer Portable Handheld Garment
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1. Best Overall: BEAUTURAL Steamer Portable Handheld Garment

It is the perfect tool to quickly and easily remove wrinkles from all types of fabrics. With its 1200 watts of power and 30-second heat-up time, this steamer quickly dewrinkles your clothes. It is safe to use on all fabrics so you can also use it on curtains, furniture. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Conair Handheld Garment Steamer

This powerful steamer combines the performance of an iron with the power of steam to instantly remove wrinkles and kill 99.9 percent dust mites. With this garment steamer, you can keep your garments, upholstery, curtains and other home textiles looking fresh and new. Read Review

3. Best Realiable: SALAV GS18-DJ Standing Garment Steamer

Its 1500 watt powerful, continuous steam reaches over 200°F (93°C) and softens and straightens fabric quickly. The removable 1.8 liter water tank provides over 60 minutes of continuous steam, allowing you to steam larger items such as drapes. Read Review

4. Best Powerful: Rowenta Perfect Pro Stainless Steel Garment Steamer

It features a patented Microsteam 400HD Laser stainless steel soleplate with over 400 active steam holes for perfect steam distribution. The built-in calcium collector ensures long lasting steam performance, and the 37Oz removable water tank provides easy and safe lock system. Read Review

5. Best Lightweight: Electrolux Portable Fabric Steamer 1500 Watts

Featuring a 12-foot power cord, fabric brush, lint brush and steam nozzle, this steamer provides versatile and safe steaming options. With pump steam technology, you can steam your clothes while hanging vertically or lying horizontally with no leaking or spilling. Read Review

Tablecloths are a timeless way of adding a touch of elegance and style to any dining experience. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or a casual get-together with friends, the right tablecloth can make a great impression. But what’s the best way to keep your tablecloth looking its best? The answer is to use a steamer.

Steamers are designed to remove wrinkles and keep fabrics looking crisp and neat. With the right steamer, you can make sure your tablecloth looks its best for any occasion. But with so many steamers on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best. To help you make the right choice, we’ve rounded up the best steamers for tablecloths. From handheld steamers to professional-grade models, these are the top choices for keeping your tablecloth looking its best. So, if you’re looking for the best steamer for tablecloths, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

We think the best steamer for tablecloths that is available now is BEAUTURAL Steamer Portable Handheld Garment. Tablecloths not only add a touch of color and texture to your dining area but they can also enhance the overall look and feel of your meal. The best steamer for tablecloths will make sure that your tablecloth looks its best and adds to the overall atmosphere of your next gathering.  We also provide you with Conair Handheld Garment Steamer model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice. And bellow are the helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 BEAUTURAL Steamer Portable Handheld Garment
Our Score:

1200 watts with 30-second fast heat-up and powerful steam output dewrinkles your clothes in no time

No leaking, no spilling with leak-proof design enables to steam whether vertically or horizontally

3 additional attachments lint brush, soft brush, and creaser provide versatile steaming options

Safe to use on all fabrics and suitable for clothes, curtains, furniture, toys and so much more

Detachable 8.79-ounce water tank for 15 minutes of continuous steaming to remove wrinkles perfectly

TOP Choice #2 Conair Handheld Garment Steamer
Our Score:

Innovative Garment Care: From fabric shavers and traditional irons to garment steamers, both handheld and full size/upright, we make high quality garment care tools for all users

Easy To Use: This freestanding steamer features a 40 second heat up and a 7.3 ounce water tank for up to 15 minutes of continuous steam; Quilted aluminum steamer plate and built in creaser perform like an iron for a fresh pressed look

3 In 1 Attachment: Includes a silicone band to pull fabric taut for better results, a delicate fabric spacer to protect trims and fine fabrics, and a bristle brush to ensure steam penetrates fibers for a perfect press, even on heavy fabrics

Turbo Handheld Steamer: This steamer combines the performance of an iron with the power of steam to instantly smooth out wrinkles in clothing and upholstery while killing 99.9 percent of germs, dust mites and bed bugs.Material: Plastic

Conair Fabric Steamers: Our fabric steamers keep your garments, upholstery, curtains and other home textiles smooth and fresh; Check out entire line including handheld, upright and travel steamers

TOP Choice #3 SALAV GS18-DJ Standing Garment Steamer
Our Score:

VERSATILE - Safely smooth clothes, drapes, upholstery and more with steam reaching over 200°F (93°C)

POWERFUL - 1500 watts of powerful, continuous steam softens & straightens wrinkles on fabrics.

ADJUSTABLE - Patented folding adjustable hanger which extends to perfectly fit all of your garments

LONG LASTING - The removable 1.8 liter water tank provides over 60 minutes of continuous steam

STORAGE - Foldable hanger combined with the telescopic aluminum pole makes for easy, compact storage

Patented built-in calcium collector to provide long lasting steam performance. Up to 10 times more efficient to capture calcium**.

Made in France

Manual steam controls with precise settings for even the most delicate garment requirements.

Patented Microsteam 400HD Laser stainless steel soleplate with over 400 active steam holes for perfect steam distribution

This steam station has outstanding performance: Its 7,4 bars of high-pressure steam saves time with shorter ironing sessions and a 430 g/min burst of steam tackles even the toughest wrinkles.

37Oz removable water tank, easy and safe lock system, and steam cord storage for maximum convenience.

5 Electrolux Portable Fabric Steamer 1500 Watts
Our Score:

INCLUDES - The steamer with a 12-foot power cord, Fabric brush, lint brush and steam nozzle rests on a heavy duty ceramic sole plate providing versatile and safety steaming options

DURABLE QUALITY- Pump steam technology no leaking, no spilling, allows you to steam your clothes while hanging vertically or lying horizontally. Steamer is compacted and easy to travel with.

EXTREME STEAM- Steam any fabric from cotton, wool, silk, fiber etc. Wrinkle free and refresh everything from clothing to bedding and curtains.

Electrolux products are manufactured to reduce household energy and avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. We work actively with sustainable energy strategies, human rights, and zero waster to landfill to improve our operations. We pride ourselves in keeping the pursuit of global environmental sustainability.

REMOVES CREASES EFFICIENTLY-Steamer reheats in only 30 seconds, with large detachable 300 ml (10 oz.) water tank for 18 minutes of continuous steaming. The steamer will automatically turn off if not in use.

6 PurSteam Garment Steamer Professional Heavy Duty
Our Score:
PurSteam World's Best Steamers

LARGEST AVAILABLE 2.5 LITER 85 fl oz WATER TANK: Steams continuously for over 60 minutes per tank.

EFFECTIVE AND EASY STEAMING – 4 level steam adjustment allows you to control high-pressured steam for obtaining optimal results. Suitable for all fabrics, this powerful steamer comes with deluxe multifunctional hanger, fabric brush, pant press and mini ironing board completing all your ironing accessories and needs.

WHY IS THIS THE ULTIMATE STEAMER IN THE USA: We designed it to be the absolutely most powerful and continuous steamer available, even better than some selling for 2x the price.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - When you order your garment steamer today, you're protected by PurSteam's money back guarantee and world class customer service!

BURN PREVENTION SAFETY CAP: Prevents opening the water tank when there is hot steam or water inside that can cause skin burns.

Turbo Handheld Steamer: This 2-in-1 steamer doubles as an iron to quickly and easily release wrinkles. Use vertically as a steamer or horizontally as an iron. Instantly smooth out wrinkles

Innovative Garment Care: From fabric shavers and traditional irons to garment steamers, both handheld and full size, we make high-quality garment care accessories

Bonus Accessories: Delicates Bonnet for fine fabrics, Creaser for perfect pleats & folds, 2-in-1 Silicone Band + Bristle Brush: Silicone Band pulls fabrics taut for better results and Bristle Brush ensures steam penetrates fibers even on heavy fabrics

Easy to Use: This freestanding steamer features 4 steam settings, 10-second heat-up & 8.5-ounce water tank for up to 10 minutes of continuous steam. Smart Sensor Safety Feature stops steam when placed on flat surface & starts steaming again when picked up

Conair Fabric Steamers: Our garment steamers have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and keep your clothing, upholstery, curtains and other home fabrics smooth and fresh. Check out entire line including handheld, upright and travel steamers

【LONGER USAGE & SAFE AUTO-SHUT OFF 】- Dual safety protection system that automatically shut-off when too hot or shortage of water and will automatically reset. The more the merrier, fill with 2.5L water that can give about 90 minutes of continuous steam of your clothes and garments.

【1500W MOST POWERFUL WRINKLE REMOVER】- Anthter 1500W professional steamer will heat in 35 seconds and provide 90 continuous minutes of wrinkle busting steam. Up to 248 °F steam penetrates deep and softens fibers, continuous steam softens and straightens wrinkles on clothing, drapes, upholstery and more.

【INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY, NO WATER SPOTS LEFT BEHIND】- Ordinary clothes steamers tend to spurt or leak water, which can stain and even ruin your garments! But the Anthter steamer features an Electronic Pump System that prevents water from spurting.

【3-YEARS SATISFACTION ASSURANCE 】-We know you’ll fall in love with your garment steamer for clothes, curtains, and more! With a 3-YEAR WARRANTY and a customer care team always ready to smooth things over, don’t wait to get the steamy, spill-proof results you deserve, completely risk-free!

【SUITS FOR ALL TYPES OF FABRIC】- Powerful Clothes Steamer, Highly Effective And Gentle removes crease and wrinkle of your clothing like suits, jersey, blouse, wedding dress, or great for household items like bed linens, table-cloth, napkins, sofa fabric, curtains and more.

Innovative Garment Care: From fabric shavers and traditional irons to garment steamers, both handheld and full size, we make high-quality garment care accessories

Conair Fabric Steamers: Our garment steamers have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and keep your clothing, upholstery, curtains and other home fabrics smooth and fresh. Check out entire line including handheld, upright and travel steamers

Smoothes, Dewrinkles and Freshens: Features a removable, large capacity 80 ounce water tank that is easy to fill and an auto shut off when the water gets too low, plus cord wrap storage feature for easy storage

Full Size Fabric Steamer: This steamer featires 1500 watts of power, 45 second heat up and up to 70 minutes of high velocity continuous steam;

Steaming Control: Features a telescoping pole for height adjustment and T nozzle with 5 foot cool touch insulated hose, 360 degree rotating hanger with clips for steaming pants, and easy roll casters so you can freshen all over the house

Expandable screen to provide the resistance needed for excellent steaming results

Exclusive and patented Steam & Press vertical support system provides double-action garment care for great results in no time

Fast results: a quick 45-second heat-up time that's perfect for everyday use

XL Delta Steam Head makes high-precision steaming easy, with broad steam diffusion to penetrate fabric and smooth out wrinkles

4 steam controls on the handle for greater accessibility and ease of use

Suitable for all fabrics, even the most delicate, with 5 steam settings to cover all garment care needs

1700W of power and 35 g/min continuous steam output for efficient steaming sessions and excellent results

Convenient accessories: fabric brush, steam bonnet, and crease attachment

Steam power refreshes and removes odors as it steams

Removable 1.3 L (52 oz) water tank for greater ease of use and convenience

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What to Look For in a best steamer for tablecloths?

You may know that best steamer for tablecloths is a kind of product many customers are hesitant to pay for. It is not due to its quality but the fact that there are many factors you must consider. Nevertheless, all your worry is not a problem for us. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with the right decision.

Tech-evaluated and high-rated products are available in our list of eligible items. Here are some indispensable things you shouldn’t ignore:


Because steaming requires a lot more arm lifting than normal, we weighed each model on how heavy it felt and how easy it was for us to hold. Because they are often top-heavy, we also checked if the handheld models felt balanced.

Water Tank

Clothes steamers convert water to steam in order to run. Each model has a different size tank. The average handheld steamer holds around 10 ounces, while larger steamers can hold up to a quarter-gallon or a full gallon.


The steamer is powerful enough to smoothen clothes in just a few passes. Each steamer worked quickly to remove wrinkles from a wide range of materials, including silk, cotton, linen, wool and cashmere.

Features & Attachments

You should look at the capabilities of a product before you buy it. A garment steamer should have multiple features. Check out attachments and features, such as steam settings, brushes, heats, and collapsible handle & handles, before you buy. A garment steamer with automatic shut-off technology is a must. It is necessary to have this feature so your steamer will automatically turn off when it's not in use. If the steamer is heated constantly, it can cause damage.


It is important to set a budget. You can then shop smartly for garment steamers that offer the best features and a reasonable price. There are many options online to choose from, and you can also find them in shops. There are many options. You can determine your budget and negotiate for the features you want.


There are two sizes of steamers: full-size or handheld. For those with limited space, or who travel frequently, handheld steamers work best. Although they are less effective, most can remove wrinkles from all materials. For larger fabrics, like curtains and coats or tablecloths, full-size steamers work well. Although they take up less space, are harder to use and require more effort to operate, full-size steamers produce more power.


Every steamer, both floorstanding and handheld, was judged on its overall strength as well as their use of materials. Flimsy parts and steamers that feel unstable when placed on top of a table earned no points.

Ease Of Use

Each steamer was heavy so I checked for ease of removing and refilling water tanks. The buttons also had to be removed and replaced easily. Floor-standing steamers were easier to handle, so I tested the wheels of both carpeted and hardwood floors.

Heating Time

Steaming time can be compared to heating time. It is dependent on the tank size. Smaller tanks on handheld steamers usually run out of steam within 15 minutes. Full-size steamers, however can steam clothing for more than an hour.

Energy Usage

You should consider how much energy a steamer uses. To find out about the wattage of your steamer and its energy usage, you can read through the fine print. A steamer with low energy consumption is best for those who have very limited needs. For large-scale needs you may be able to purchase a residential steamer with a lot of power. You can save money on drying by using large steamers.


What kind of tablecloths can I steam?

You can steam any type of tablecloth, including cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic, and more. However, it is important to check the fabric care label of your tablecloth to determine the best steaming temperature and time.

How do I know if I'm using the right temperature and time for steaming my tablecloth?

Refer to the fabric care label of your tablecloth for the best steaming temperature and time. Generally, cotton and linen fabrics should be steamed at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, while synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic should be steamed at a higher temperature for a shorter period of time.

What should I do if my tablecloth is wrinkled?

The best way to remove wrinkles from a tablecloth is to steam it. Set your steamer to the appropriate temperature and time for your fabric, then run it over the fabric in an even, consistent motion. This will help to remove the wrinkles without damaging the fabric.

How do I use a steamer to remove wrinkles from a tablecloth?

To use a steamer to remove wrinkles from a tablecloth, first set up your steamer. Hang the tablecloth on an ironing board or other flat, stable surface. If the tablecloth is too large to fit on your ironing board, you can use a clothing rack. Position the steamer nozzle about 6 inches away from the fabric and steam for about 10-15 seconds. Move the steamer nozzle around the fabric and steam in sections for best results. Once the fabric is steamed, you can use an iron to press the fabric for a more professional finish.

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