Carmine's Introduction to Architecture

  • 13 May 2012 06:09
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Carmine looking out window

What is Architecture?

Do you know what architecture is?
Architecture can be...

... a building. building
... a house house ... a bridge bridge ... a church church ... a whole city city

Carmine as architectWho makes architecture?

People all over the world make architecture. A person whose job is planning buildings (or other structures) is called an architect. Some architects use special tools.

Here are three sets of tools. Which tools are used by architects?

tools Architecture tools tools
®Yes, architects use tools like these.
Click on the tools to find out what they're used for!
Architechture tools  


An architect draws plans and pictures.

Architects also build 3D models to show how the building will look and work.

Carmine with construction crew

An architect's plans (or blueprints), drawings and models show construction workers how to build it!

Now learn more:

  • Designing a Building!
  • Architecture as Art
  • Create your own architecture with these hands-on activities!

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