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Do you want to create art? Then this is the place for activities, techniques and inspiration! Try our hands-on activities and techniques, or browse our online galleries of student and professional artwork.


Try This! Technique Demonstrations Prismacolor® Techniques Featured Artists

Hands-on activities you can do at home or school


Drawing floor plans Future architecture 3D Architectural models Architectural elevations Architecture collage


Amazing Animal Alphabet Organic Shapes Sensational Scribbles Nature Notebooks Oval Action Figures Flipbook Big Birds: Marker Patterns and Textures Spring Flowers


A Landscape in Warm, Cool, & Neutral Colors Fruity Still Life Complement the flag Using Color Symbols: A Self-Portrait Moody colors Music and color

Industrial Design:

Try This: So Sue Me! Try This: A More Perfect Product.


Texture Rubbing Landscapes


Using Color Symbols: A Self-Portrait Portraits Make a Statement Abstract Symbolic Portrait Coloring Your Portrait

Making 3D Forms

Drawing Techniques

Thumbnail Sketches Crayon Etching Contour Drawing Blind Contour Drawings

Perspective techniques:

One-Point Perspective Two-Point Perspective

Color techniques:

Paint a Color Wheel The Values of Color: Tints and Shades Mixing Values with Acrylics Linear Shading with Markers Making Forms: 3-D shapes Softening Prismacolor with Tissue Paper

Portrait and Figure Techniques:

Oval Action Figures Face Proportions Face Shapes What's Wrong with this Portrait? Practicing Portraits: A drag and drop activity

Oil Techniques

Paint a Still Life, with Oils



Art Stix® Woodless Pencil Squares

Watercolor Pencils

Double—Ended Art Markers

Verithin® Art Pencils


Colorless Blenders

Professional Quality Soft Thick Lead Art Pencils

Watercolor Pencils with illustrator Jim Hunt

Werner Baeckelandt. Furniture painting

Héctor Barbero, Photorealistic art of Mexico

Joe Burlini:
Larger than Life portraits

Sheri Lynn Boyer Doty, Fine art with colored pencils

Debbie Gimbel: Using Stamps and colored pencils

Hilary Helfant, Art of geometric abstraction

Jim Hunt, Humorous and editorial illustration

Karl Jaeger: Sports Artist

Debbie Krueger, Polymer clay art

Ann Kullberg, Portrait artist

Meilena Hauslendale Silence Speaks

Guy Williams, Architect

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