Design a House with Carmine Chameleon

  • 07 Apr 2008 12:06
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A house provides shelter from the weather, wild animals and enemies.

But people around the world create houses that are more than just shelters. Houses are places where people gather. Where they find comfort and keep belongings. Where they express themselves. That's when shelter becomes architecture. And the people who design houses become architects.

What is a house to you? Can you design a house that meets your needs—and expresses yourself?

Try it here! You'll be able to describe your house and draw the floor plan, then draw the exterior elevation on the site you select! And then you can save or print your design to show others!


Architecture is more than just building a functional shelter. The way a building is designed greatly affects how you feel when you look at it and enter it.

How do these spaces make you feel?

Houses reflect the times (and sometimes places) in which they were built, as well as the people who made them. You can learn a lot about people by studying their houses.

What can you learn about the people who built and live in these houses?


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Holly Becker By, Holly Becker
Holly Becker is a commerce editor for Sanford ArtEdventures. She has years of experience testing products and writing about them, with the aim of helping people to improve their homes. Holly loves anything that makes her house look better, and she's excited to share her findings with others who want to do the same.
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