Top 14 Exhaust Fan For Spray Booth For Pick Up: Best Deals 2022

We've compiled a list of Exhaust fan for spray booth of January 2022 that you can buy on Amazon. Thanks to surveys from well-known websites, 72,733 reviews, and user feedback, you are supposed to be confident in their quality. Here are some suggested products (list of 14 items) from well-known brands such as Sudeg, Tuffiom, Gorillaspro, Co-z, Warsun, Master airbrush, Anesty, Ophir, Paasche airbrush, Aw.

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  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Our spray painting booth can be easily folded into a portable case with a built-in handle; its compact size and light weight mean it's easy to carry from place to place so you can work wherever needed when the mood strikes
  • DIY BETTER THAN EVER: This portable CO-Z airbrush booth features a 7.5 inch turntable, strong ventilation, and helpful integrated lighting to give you a cleaner, safer workspace for painting and decoration of models, figures, ceramics, toys, nails, T-shirts, and other small crafts; its durable ABS construction offers long lasting and easy-to-clean performance
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: The spay booth can be folded up for easy storage and transport. Its folding dimension is about 21.6”×10.6”×12.6” and its weight is about 11lbs.
  • 6FT EXTENDABLE EXHAUST HOSE: The spay booth comes with an exhaust hose that can be extended up to 6ft to meat your specific needs. And filter nets are included filtering paint as well. And it also comes with a revolving turntable so that the model can be painted in all directions.
  • ✅【CONVENIENT USAGE】Finished External Dimensions: 14x10x8.5Ft, Approximate internal Workspace Dimensions:13x7.5x7Ft. The booth is wider in length, width and height than the 14ft tent of similar products on the market. The portable paint booth is is suitable for painting rooms, polishing, exhibition activities, outdoor tents, medical aid, etc. It is also an ideal choice for ceramic coating, auto parts and window coloring.PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAINTING BOOTH CANNOT ACCOMMODATE CARS.
  • ✅【LARGER AIR OUTLET AND OVERSIZE AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM】👍Compared with similar products, this new spray booth adds larger air outlet on the column above the spray booth to improve air replacement speed and better ventilation. The black intake pipe provides fresh air. The OVERSIZE filters on both sides absorb the paint and odors produced during painting work. Professional filtration was engineered not only to make your painting better, but also to protect the environment and health.
  • 3 LED Light Tubes are built into the Top of the Booth Area to Insure Great Painting Vision. 7-1/2" Diameter Revolving Turntable: Allows you to Reach all the Areas to be Painted
  • DC Motor: Operates at 12V DC Using a Direct Plug in 110V AC Adapter, 16.5" Wide x 19" Deep x 13.5" High
  • The spray booths exhaust fan extension hose can be extended from 16 inches up to 7 feet (84 inches) long. The extension hoses exhaust end piece narrows down to 1 inch wide, so the end piece can be placed and secured into a window gap or a door gap, so the exhaust is ventilated and extracted outside of your work environment.
  • When spraying the particle and vapor exhaust are extracted through the booth's top side through the high desnsity fiberglass booth filter. Replacement booth filters are available. Some booth assembly is required. Booth is portable for carrying after assembly or it can quickly be disassembled and reassembled for convenient storage.
  • 【Save Space】Anesty airbrush spray booth is portable and will fold into a compact suitcase. The folded size of the spray booth is 16.5″ x 6″ x 7.9″ ,you can stow away when not in use.
  • 【More Choices】2 work modes, when switch on I, the leds work only, when switch on II, the leds and fan will work together. If you want to use fan only, take the led tube off when the power is off.
  • Oil free design for better environment.
  • Offer 2 modes for the power and the LED lights: Low and High.
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The Exhaust fan for spray booth is influenced by a multitude of factors, including all those stated below. Depending on the sort of product, the learning process differs. We'll be ready to aid you and propose solutions since we're here to support you.

Clients remain the first focus. Firstly, educate yourself before making an informed shopping decision:

  • What function does a website have in helping me learn more about a product?
  • Why should customers be concerned with product details?
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  • What properties of the product should you consider when choosing the perfect product for your requirements and circumstances?

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If you can't breathe, working in enclosed areas can prove to be very difficult. When you paint different surfaces, protective gear may be worn which could impact your ability to breathe. You should ensure that your booth has adequate ventilation so you can get proper air flow.


Make sure you choose booths that are well lit. The application of paint requires lighting. You can have a dramatic impact on the finish. Although all inflatable booths are equipped with side windows, some have overhead lighting. Proper lighting can also help prevent strain on your eyes, which is important for the long-term.


Many brands allow for a good deal of customization with inflatable spray booths or paint booths. Some companies will allow you to customize the size, while others may offer different access points. It is important to choose the right brand for you.

Easy To Set Up/Accessibility

The front door of paint booths is usually large enough to allow you in through. You may need to close the back portion. Most paint booths include a large secondary door. Many have just one entry door. Because you can't drive directly over the doors while entering the booth, sideways open doors are more convenient.


A lot of portable booths that are good quality can be soundproofed. Many booths aren't soundproof. This might not matter if you only intend to use the booth to paint. If you intend to do heavy-duty, noisy work, soundproofing may be a good idea.


1. How Much Does An Inflatable Paint Booth Cost?

Inflatable paint booths are available in a variety of sizes, brands, quality and accessories. Prices range between $500 and $3000. While tent booths may be less costly than $100, they are not equipped with air filtration.

2. How To Choose The Right Size Of The Inflatable Paint/Spray Booth?

The size of your objects and vehicles will determine the dimensions. To ensure you are able to maneuver around, measure the largest vehicle you own and multiply it by a few feet. This extra space allows you to easily store your tools nearby, saving you both time and making it much easier.

3. How Do You Prevent Dust When Painting?

You can prevent dust from getting on your paintbrushes by using a DIY booth or a manufactured one. Before you start painting, it's important to properly prepare your surface.

4. How Important Is Ventilation When Buying An Inflatable Paint/Spray Booth?

It's vital. You will not be wearing protective gear while painting cars or other furniture. But you'll still be exposed when spraying paint and the smell of it. Lack of ventilation and high quality filters can cause breathing and other problems.

5. How Do Inflatable Paint Booths Work?

For most booths, it takes between 300W to 1000W of blowers to inflate them. To filter the air and protect the environment, an additional blower may be needed after it has been inflated.

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