Glossary Term: Texture

  • 13 May 2012 06:51
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Texture is one of the elements of art. Texture is the way something feels when you touch it. Artists also create the illusion of texture in artworks such as paintings, drawings and prints.

How would you describe these different textures?

Texture 1 Texture 2 Texture 3 Texture 4
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What is the difference between Implied Texture (or Physical Texture)?

You should be aware of the two types texture when creating a piece of visual art. These are known as visual (or implied texture) and physical (or actual texture).

  • Physical texture: The Physical texture of a piece of art is its tactile texture. The physical texture of an artwork may vary in terms of its softness, hardness, smoothness, or roughness.
  • Visual texture:  Artists who create art on a two-dimensional surface such as painters and draftsmen are creating a visual effect by manipulating materials on the canvas.

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