Leonardo's Workshop: an ArtEdventure with Carmine Chameleon

  • 14 Mar 2011 12:21
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Dr. N. Ventor, scientist-extraordinaire and inventor of a time machine, is also a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci. To thank you and your friend Carmine Chameleon for testing her time machine, she is showing you her collection of Leonardo's works.

Leonardo's "Lady with an Ermine"--disappears!"This is one of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings," says Dr. Ventor. "He was one of the masters of the Renaissance!

"What's happening to the portrait!" exclaims Dr. Ventor. "It's disappeared and just left a blank canvas! Someone must have used my time machine! They've gone back and meddled in time!"

"Oh no!" exclaims Carmine. "Any changes in the past will change the present—and whatever happened back then is making Leonardo's work disappear right now!"

Time MachineThe three of you run to the time machine in the laboratory. "Look!" says Carmine.

Time machine control panel

"The date's set to 1505 A.D. And the location is Leonardo da Vinci's workshop in Italy!"

Dr. Ventor turns to you. "Now listen carefully, there's no time to spare! You and Carmine must follow the culprit back in time."

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