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Our ArtEdventures are interactive online games for teachers and students. In these fun and educational activities, you'll discover how great artists made their famous works—while learning tips and techniques for creating your own art!


Carmine's Introductions
(Primary grades and up)
(Intermediate grades & up)
Supporting resources
  NEW! From Cave Art to Your Art: 30,000 years of new media. Cave painters first put charcoal to rock thirty thousand years ago. Ever since, artists have created new media to help them express themselves. Explore the ways that artists use art media and make a video showing what they've inspired you to create. Watch video clips showing artists at work, then make your own art and upload it to the web site. Add text and music, and you're ready to watch your video. You can even download it to your computer to share with friends and family!  
  The Art of Crime Detection. You witness a crime, and the police ask you to help identify the culprit, using their new PDArtist tool. Learn how your left and right brain work and the best ways to use your brain as an artist. Can you create composite portraits that help identify the culprit? Teacher Resources
Line and Shape. A rhyming exploration of these two art elements with Carmine. Leonardo's Workshop. Someone has changed history! You must travel back in time to the Renaissance and explore Leonardo da Vinci's workshop in search of clues. Examine Leonardo's art and inventions and discover the spirit of the Renaissance while solving this interactive mystery. Hands-on activities
Teacher's resources
Carmine's Landscape Adventure.
Learn about landscape paintings, then create three landscapes for Carmine! (Second or third grade and up) Requires Flash.
Go West, Young Artist. It's 1870, and explorers and artists are discovering the wonders of the American West. Travel westward and meet six landscape artists to learn the basics of landscape composition. Hands-on Activities
Teacher Resources
Color. Let Carmine introduce you to the color wheel! In verse! Color Theory vs. Dr. Gray and his Dechromatizers. The evil Dr. Gray and his Dechromatizer have set out to drain the color from fine art everywhere. It's up to you and Carmine Chameleon to stop them! Hands-on activities
Teacher's resources
Architecture. Take your art to new heights with this exploration of architecture. Be an Architect! Design a house with Carmine! Learn about site, form, function, and materials as you draw the floor plan and elevation for your house. (Sixth grade and up) Hands-on Activities
Teacher Resources
The Land That Design Forgot.
Help Carmine redesign a playground so it works well and looks good! Requires Flash.
Out of this World Design. Aliens are coming to earth—and its up to you to redesign common objects so they can use them! Learn about industrial design while exploring new designs for familiar objects. Requires Flash. Hands-on Activities
Teacher Resources
Portraits. What is a portrait? Let Carmine explain it to you! Face to Face with Portraits from the Past. Carmine has accidentally set off a time machine, pulling five people out of the past. Can you identify them using only their portraits as a guide? Hands-on activities
Teacher's resources

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